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Femmes of Rock 2018 Promo Reel

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FEMMES OF ROCK are proud to announce the release of their first official EP!


FEMMES OF ROCK have established themselves as an innovative, all-female, hard-rock quartet who've taken their classical instruments to another level. Their first EP features a new and innovative twist on classics such as Pink Floyd’s "COMFORTABLY NUMB”(recorded live in concert), "LIFE ON MARS" by David Bowie (like you've never heard it before), a hard rocking, Femmes version of "ELEANOR RIGBY" by The Beatles, Queen’s "BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY,” and the hauntingly beautiful, "LULLABYE" by Billy Joel.

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I Love the Beach but Hate All the Sand…

“I Love the Beach but Hate all the Sand….” Femmes of Rock Show at Nevis. By MK     Ah, the Island of Nevis (rhymes with Beavis)….a small island in the Caribbean Sea that forms part of the inner arc of the Leeward Island chain of the West Indies. Sounds sooo, exotic.  The actual name… Read more »

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