Bella Entertainment Group is your one-stop shop for all of your virtual entertainment needs.

Choose your style, customize to your needs, and let us do the rest!

Options: Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet or Femmes of Rock Full Band

Quarantine/Zoom Style Video

  • Pre-produced, not “live”
  • “Quarantine-style” video where each performer can be seen in the squares. The performers would record themselves at home and we’d create the final mixed product.
  • Benefits: Better, more polished quality/performance
  • We can also do a live VIP meet and greet with the girls before/after the performance via Zoom

On-Location Virtual Performance

  • (with or without lasers and production)
  • This can be done from a rehearsal space (as seen above), or from a casino showroom with full lighting rig and video screen. 
  • -We recently performed virtually from a sound stage for a global client to rave reviews!

See examples below

Green Screen Studio Production/ Live From The Loft

  • Live or Pre-produced
  • Can be a full-show experience with multi-media edited into the performance, like buying a ticket for a show, without the risk of a crowd. We can do a few minutes up to a full production show in this style.
  • Can also be a live performance from our home studio (The Loft)

Here are some samples of our on location virtual performances:

Featuring the music of

ACDC, ELO, Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Metallica, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, and more!

Meet the Cast