Christina here, coming at you from the too familiar view of my living room. What an insane past few months it has been! I sure miss playing for you all. I miss the feeling of being in the wings before the start of a show and putting on my game face as soon as I hear the first call from the drums. I miss the feeling of electric energy pulsing through my veins after the final note. Most of all, I miss sharing that feeling with my bandmates and YOU! On the flip side, lately I’ve been able to share all sorts of fresh feelings with a tiny, new person- my daughter, Josie. Both my husband, Jason, and I have been able to be here for her and witness all of her firsts. As much as I miss performing, it has been a complete joy being able to spend quality time with my loves.
I can’t wait to hit the stage again and bring smiles to your faces. I have a sneaking suspicion that will be a moment and a feeling I will never forget!
Take care and until next time,