Ah summer, the sound of sandy beaches, tasty peaches, children laughing making sand castles, sitting in summer traffic hassles, and the air thick with smells of salty sea air, Coppertone #2 tanning oil and shiny blonde hair, experienced through an overused wet hospital mask and hazmat suit.


Summer Lovin’? Tell Me More,Tell Me More, Tell Me More….


The cancelled shows I’m missing so much with the Femmes of Rock were those sounds and smells of summer. Well, just the good smells. Fireworks blasting after the performance. Sopping wet with sweat along with the audience after a 100-degree night set, with humidity to match, watching any number of species of winged night bugs nesting in the Femmes flowing yet perfectly coiffed hair because of some super secret hair power they possess.


The worst is not knowing when we will get back again.


But I know we will. I’ve looked to the past, my grandparent’s experience as well as my parents and know that it’s been worse, a lot worse and like George Harrison sang, All Things Must Pass.

Like a freakin’ kidney stone this thing will pass, but, yeah…so bite the towel and hang on.


I’ve been keeping busy with studio work out here on the east coast, and going deep into my Jazz Shed, hopefully coming out of it in the end with joyful noises to make.


One thing I’m especially blessed and thankful for is spending so much time with my family ensconced in the house, having really long discussions, trying to go veggie, and having ever long Netflix binging parties as well.


Yin and Yang are in all things. We can’t escape it.  I’m trying to see that there is something good and positive to come out of this experience, but my god you wouldn’t know that from any news feed. So I’ve logged out of that alternate universe for now as well. And I’ve found some peace. But love will rule the day at some point again, it’s easy to forget we are all one tribe.


I know that when I see you all again, it will be emotional. There’s a lot of pent up energy out there when it comes to celebrating life through music. We are still practicing our sets, working on new stuff, and trying to lose our COVID-15 so we can fit into our outfits again, and we will, that’s what SPANX are for.


I miss my brothers and sisters in Rock and love them dearly, and I look forward to seeing you all again, onstage, backstage, under the stage, you know, all that crazy rock stuff we used to do together, after naps of course.