This year has been one for the books as far as traveling goes for the Femmes of Rock. We’ve soared above the treetops for a view of the Canadian Rockies, swam in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, and  even tasted authentic lobster chowder in snow-dusted Maine. This past week, we gathered our gear and headed north for Cherry Peak Resort in Richmond, Utah. The day of the show, we were welcomed by the friendly summer skies and greeted with smiles and warmth by the staff of the resort. Chandra, Nina, Carissa and I hauled our instruments on stage and unpacked (after the rigorous setup by our sound tech). I stood on the outdoor stage and looked out at the bright greenery brought to life by the sun as I pulled the bow across the strings of my violin. I knew it was going to be a great day. We were just about finished with sound check when a problem arose with the drums. Dave, our super sound guy, told us to take a short break. The girls and I decided to use that time to partake in a little stroll through the grounds. That’s when we discovered the horses. The MAJESTIC HORSES.


Me and Dusty


The owner of Cherry Peak Resort asked Nina if we’d like to go for a ride. In my head, I was desperately repeating, “Please say yes, please say yes!” as if somehow I could mentally will Nina, a.k.a. our boss lady, to say yes… and she did! We were saddled up and taken on a little trail ride through the trees and even across a stream. BEST PRESHOW ANTICS EVER. Within five minutes, we were already devising a plan to ride the horses to the stage as our grand show entrance. Possibly after holding a long tremolo while gliding down the ski lift, we could hop on the horses and gallop on stage? Our plan still needed some perfecting. Maybe next time.


All of us on horses- yeah!


We cleaned up, glammed up, plugged in, then rocked out for the crowd, which might have been one of the most family-packed audiences as of yet. Looking out at the crowd draped in the colors of dusk, watching them nod their heads, clap their hands, smile, sing-along, and dance as we created music, produced a feeling of pure joy that completely washed over me, from my head to my toes. It is on stage at moments like these when I enter flow.




After the show, we signed autographs and took pictures with fans. Perhaps my favorite part was meeting the mini-fans – some who play instruments, some who want to, and others who simply and truly enjoyed the show. If we’ve inspired one guest, I consider the night to be successful in my book. I would say that night was a success.


View from the stage


Window seat views: The Great Salt Lake


On Stage at Cherry Peak


Femmes of Rock