Welcome to our first FEMMES OF ROCK blog! We’re extremely excited about our new website and we hope you are, too. The popularity of the group is (happily) growing at a rate we never expected so we’re a little behind with many responsibilities. Consistent updates to the website, blog, photos, videos, tour dates and more will be our top priority.

First off, we want to thank everyone who has been coming to our shows in the US and Canada. It’s been an amazing year or so since the band was officially solidified. We’re looking forward to this upcoming US summer tour, which begins mid-July.

I’ll wrap up our last three shows in a few paragraphs. Richmond, Utah, Banff, Alberta, Canada, and Tulsa, OK (The Joint @ Hard Rock Casino) have been amazing experiences. We’ve done all three shows in the last three weeks. Southwest loves us J The Hard Rock Tulsa was especially fun because we didn’t know we were playing at The Joint. KISS performed on that same stage a few weeks before we did and Steven Tyler is performing there next month. On top of that, we loved everyone who worked there. We make friends wherever we go but these folks were quite special. We’re hoping to return there next spring.

We are currently headed back in to rehearsals and gearing up for the summer tour over the next few weeks. This will be our first time to Chicago, Milwaukee, Rahway, NJ, Toledo, OH and many more spots.

Most exciting is the fact we are shooting our first music video here in Vegas on July 5th. We threw in many bells and whistles and we’re anticipating something quite special. It’ll probably be more of a mini-movie than a rock video. Regardless, it will rock quite hard. The video and accompanying single will be released simultaneously towards the end of July.

Bear with us as we transform from old old name, VIOLIN FEMMES to our new and improved name, FEMMES OF ROCK!

As these blogs progress, you will eventually get individual entries from us when something new, crazy and wonderful happens while we travel. Feel free to drop us a note and make sure to come say hello at one of our upcoming shows.